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(fresh paco,local lettuce,cherry tomatoes,thinly sliced red onion and chopped nuts served w/ our creamy patis vinaigrette)
312 PHP
(fried native pampango tamales w/ salted egg aioli dip)
294 PHP
24 PHP
(Local lettuce.pickled vegetables and chopped nuts: served w/ ceasar dressing)
330 PHP
(a trio of local cheddar,mozzarella, and parmesan cheese on toasted ciabata.)
288 PHP
(house made kapampangan sisig w/mozzarella on toasted ciabata)
330 PHP
204 PHP
( garlic shrimp,arugula and cheese w/ house-made tomato sauce on thin-crust pizza.)
510 PHP
72 PHP
(bacon,longanisa and burong mustasa w/ carbonara sauce and root crop chips on thin-crust pizza)
450 PHP
( house made kapampangan sisig w/ crushed chicharon,pititian and thin crust pizza)
462 PHP
( a trio of local cheddar,mozzarella and parmesan cheese w/ a dash of olive oil on thin crust pizza)
468 PHP
(thin-crust pizza topped w/ pomodoro sauce,cheddar,mozzarella and pepperoni)
438 PHP
(thin-crust pizza topped w/ pomodoro sauce,cheddar,cheese pineapple,ham,bacon)
504 PHP
(Parmisanos thin crust pizza topped w/ premium quality mozzarella,cheddar, parmesan cheese,ham,bacon,ground beef and artisan pepperoni.)
504 PHP
(a rich cream based sauce w/local bacon and mushroom on top of aldente spaghetti)
276 PHP
(chicken fillet topped w/sarciado sauce on fusilli pasta flavored w/garlic, olive and pesto sauce.)
312 PHP
(the meat sauce pasta is made of flavorful ground beefstewed in aromatics and parmisanos house made tomato sauce topped on aldente spaghetti)
298 PHP
(chicken cordon bleu inspired dish topped w/ housemade pomodoro sauce and mozzarella cheese,served w/ garlic spaghetti, seasoned w/ garlic,salt,pepper and chiliflakes.)
372 PHP
(italian take on pancit luglog,this is aldente fusilli w/ cream shrimp sauce topped w/shrimp boiled egg and hicharon bits)
366 PHP
(an even more flavorful version of a beloved classic squash cream w/ bacon,garlic,longaniza and chicharon bits,topped w/a poached egg,tossed in fusilli pasta.)
324 PHP
348 PHP
(Spaghetti pasta sauteed in olive oil,garlic and chili.served w/ seasoned shrimp.)
372 PHP
(seaoned and baked chicken breast topped w/ housemade pomodoro,parmesan and mozzarella.) served w/plin rice
336 PHP
(succulent whole roast chicken parmisanos style served w/ squash potato mash and asidesalad
834 PHP
(succulent whole roast chicken parmisanos style served w/ squash potato mash and asidesalad
522 PHP
(sizzling braised ox tongus w/ mushrooms corn and garlic. served w/plain rice)
359 PHP
(crispy porkbelly tocino rice and burong mustasa w/egg and sarciado sauce)
618 PHP
(stewed roast chicken in pomodoro sauce and bell peppers on a bed of fluffy garlic rice)
498 PHP
(stewed roast chicken in pomodoro sauce and bell peppers on a bed of fluffy garlic rice)
296 PHP
(oven baked tilapia fillet in olive oil,patis vinaigrette,fresh tomatoes,onion,corn and lemon.)
342 PHP
Creamy braised ox tongue and beef w/ mushroom,corn,and garlic-topped w/ mozarella cheese. Served w/ palin rice.
408 PHP
359 PHP
(warm cheese bread pudding w/ local ice cream caramel and crushed nuts)
222 PHP
( LUSCIOUS CHOCOLATE CAKE COVERED W/ WARM CHOCOLATE sauce, topped w/ vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup)
234 PHP
78 PHP
78 PHP
102 PHP