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Simple recipe comes up to a luxury taste,Base of Avocado,crushed ice,milk,plus a different kinds of topping to choose from.... Like Chico,Jackfruit,Mango,Guyabano,Avocado and many more.Beacause Avocado FITS ALL!
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A layered w/ different texture,flavors and great contrast colors in one cup.Just like lover,effort,time,sincerity and a lot of things to considered as one great.
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Comes w/ avocado ice cream top w/ pastilles truffle pastillas serves as the bone of the avocado on top.This concepts as one of our menu,inspired of our childhood recipe of avocado dessert,Avocado at Gatas.We decide to make it w/ a twist serve it in Avocado Shell as an ecofriendly and instagramable dessert.
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Comes w/ cream cheesecake and creamy avocado flavor,top w/ white chocolate Gourmet and chops of different kinds of nuts,White chocolate gourmet is the best combination ingredients in avocado,plus factor of textures of nuts the white chocolate also protects the cheesecake for melting. Why in canm? SImply,beacause it is easy to carry anywhere you travel.
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