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Brgy. Malusak, Sta. Rosa Laguna

02:00 PM - 06:30 PM
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Deep fried breaded pork cutlet, onions and egg over a bowl of steamed rice garnished with onion leeks.
139 PHP
Chicken, egg and onions over steamed rice bowl with spring onion garnish.
129 PHP
Steamed rice bowl topped with beef strips, onions and Japanese sauce.
179 PHP
Deep fried whole chicken legs with lemon, cucumber and Japanese mayo.
140 PHP
Sauteed beef in shoyu, stir fry vegetables in butter and fruits.
185 PHP
Chicken fillet rolled with Japanese nori.
128 PHP
Deep fried whole chicken wings with Japanese seasoning, garnish of lemon, onions and carrots.
99 PHP
Crunchy shrimp, fried onion rings with tempura sauce.
206 PHP
Shrimp, flour, battered egg in nori with tempura sauce.
175 PHP
Breaded chicken, cabbage, ginger, garlic paste, cucumber and lemon.
169 PHP
Breaded shrimps, cabbage, carrots spring onions with mayo on the side.
202 PHP
Crab sticks, mango, cucumber, lettuce and rice rolled in nori with Japanese soy sauce and wasabi.
135 PHP
Steamed rice bowl topped with beef strips, onions and Japanese sauce.
200 PHP
Steamed rice topped with spring onion.
20 PHP
Lettuce, cabbage, cucumber mixed with Yamazaki dressing.
158 PHP
Crab sticks, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber and mango.
119 PHP
Chunks of octupus, eggs, spring onions with mayo.
95 PHP
Pan fried pork dumpling with cabbage, garlic and soy sauce.
99 PHP
Popular Japanese fried noodles with Yamazaki Kitchen sauce.
199 PHP
Breaded, deep fried pork cutlet served with shredded cabbage.
135 PHP
Stir-fried vegetable mix of cabbage, carrots with pork.
149 PHP
Tender chicken glazed in our very own Yamazaki Kitchen sauce served with vegetable salad.
208 PHP
Japanese tulip-shaped deep-fried breaded chicken wings with dipping sauce.
155 PHP
Iso Age, Gyoza, Tulip Tebasaki, French Fries and vegetable salad.
420 PHP
Karaage, Takoyaki, Tebasaki, Ebi Fry and Kani salad.
520 PHP
Pork Liempo
35 PHP
Chicken Meat.
27 PHP
Chicken Neck.
25 PHP
Chicken meat with onion leek.
31 PHP