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Paseo, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

11:00 AM - 06:30 PM
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Coke, Royal Tru-Orange, Sprite, Sarsi
88 PHP
Coke Light, Coke Zero
88 PHP
169.4 PHP
71.5 PHP
Mango, Calamansi, Dalandan, Pineapple
145.2 PHP
San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light
121 PHP
841.5 PHP
Earl Grey, Peppermint, Chamomile
99 PHP
37.4 PHP
Light and crunchy pork belly strips ready for dipping in three kinds of sauces
236.5 PHP
Calamari, quick-fried to a crisp in a zesty mix of spiced salt and pepper. Served with our sweetly spicy sauce
363 PHP
Fresh shrimps sauteed with button mushrooms. Spicily different!
520.3 PHP
Pinoy street food, Kanin Club Style: sour green mango strips with our version of bagoong
291.5 PHP
An extra serving of creepy, healthy goodness!
121 PHP
Slivered green mangoes, onions, cilantro and peanuts, sprinkled with a sweet-salty mix. A salivating experience
286 PHP
Salty and sour meet in this green mango, onion, tomatoes and cilantro salad, garnished with salted duck egg
278.3 PHP
Tender beef ribs, slow cooked in our tamarind broth. Makes you hungry.
592.9 PHP
Fresh shrimps
592.9 PHP
Pork belly
568.7 PHP
Tender beef ribs slow-cooked to make a hearty beefy broth. Warms you up
604.14 PHP
Chicken soup for the Filpino soul: chicken-flavored by ginger, green papayas and chili leaves. Feel-good soup
429 PHP
All the great things you like in a curry and only stuff you like with peanuts
242 PHP
Wingbeans cooked just the way our Bicolano brethren like them: Spicy with alamang
254.1 PHP
Its sitaw, bitsuelas and sigarilyas sauteed with beef
363 PHP
Taro leaves, slowly simmered in freshly squeezed coconut milk and flavored with pork, fried fish, ginger and finger chili
286 PHP
In Cantoneses "tsap suer" means scraps. Our version deviates from that as it has only the choicest meats, squids and veggies
418 PHP
All the best vegetables in Philippines has to offer come together with bagoong in this Ilocano vegetable medley
375.1 PHP
Fresh shrimps swim to your tongue's delight in a saute of fresh-squeezed coconut milk with wing beans and onions
478.5 PHP
The Pinoy version of Japanese ebi tempura served with a sweet chili sauce
429 PHP
Tender sweet and juicy calamari done better with chives stuffing and secret sauce
368.5 PHP
Traditionally, cooked crab meat on seasoned scramble egg.
375.1 PHP
Bet you never are a whole fresh deep-fried tilapia down to the bones before.
387.2 PHP
Milkfish marinated in pepper, garlic and vinegar fried to crispy perfection
363 PHP
363 PHP
Our most copied signature dish! Pork heavenly deep-fried to a crisp then set in a semi-dry stew of pork blood. Proven to have convinced non-dinuguan eater to like the dish
418 PHP
Live for today with our perfectly deep-fried pork knuckles. The skin is light and crunchy and the meat just melt in your mouth. We challenge you to resist
786.5 PHP
Pork belly, deep fried to a golden crisp, served in a bed of bagoong rice
375.1 PHP
Crispy pork ears. Dont knock em, til youve tried em. A Kanin Club favorite
290.4 PHP
Fried beef strips from Dr. Ana's previously secret recipe
308 PHP
Beef striploin strips quick-fried in soy sauce and onions rings
324.5 PHP
Flavorful beef stewed in coconut milk, tomato sauce and other spices
455.64 PHP
Ox tripe, pork leg chunks and vegetables slowly cooked in a peanut/anatto sauce. Served with bagoong
594 PHP
Beef ribs stewed til tender flavored with hamon ni Tomas
641.3 PHP
Half chicken marinated in our preferred sauce then fried to a golden crisp.
399.3 PHP
Choice chicken portions, fried then coasted in sweet and tangy lemon sauce
363 PHP
Chicken slowly cooked in yellow turmeric. Indian in origin. Pinoy in flavor and cooked Kanin Club Style with nuts
338.8 PHP
Tender pork cutlets marinated in Chef Amilet's secret sauce, grilled to your liking
187 PHP
302.5 PHP
583 PHP
One serving of steamed white rice, capped with toasted garlic
60.5 PHP
KC's heavy hitter: fried rice laden with Chinese sausage, ham, green peas, pork and topped with minced scrambled eggs, roasted garlic and spring onions. Serves 2-3
290.4 PHP
2 to 3 friends can share with dish of rice fried with bits of smoked fish
242 PHP
Fried rice mixed with salted and fermented shrimps. A must order with our Thai Green Mango Salad! Serves 2-3
242 PHP
This fried rice sauteed with crab fat us sooo worth the extra hour youll need to do in the gym tomorrow. Serves 2-3
242 PHP
Sinigang-inspired fried rice complete with pork liempo and vegetable tempura. Its dry sinigang. Serves 2
368.5 PHP
48.4 PHP
Light as-air nice noodles sauteed in chicken, pork, liver and vegetables
387.2 PHP
Egg noodles stir-fried with chicken, pork, liver and vegetables. A staple for every Filipino gather
407 PHP
A Kanin Club Original. An updated version of your lola's turon, bananas, purple yam jam sweet coconut strips and monggo beans, wrapped and deep fried in a rice paper roll.
193.6 PHP
Our version of the Thai dessert of sticky rice, mangoes and sweet coconut milk may be better that the original because we use Philppine mangoes and add tsokonut to it
247.5 PHP
The classic Filipino dessert. A merry melange of two kings of sweet beans, macapuno, jackfruit, ube sweetened bananas, kaong, and nata de coco, mixed with finely- crushed ice and evaported milk
229.9 PHP
Golden sweet corn in syrup on a bed of finely crushed ice and milk
181.5 PHP
Melt-in-your-mouth with lots of syrup; topped with macapuno
157.3 PHP
Cool down with sweetened bananas in caramel syrup topped with finely crushed ice and milk.
181.5 PHP