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Chips-Charoom by Aurora’s, Brgy. Camacho, Balanga City, Bataan

10:00 AM - 05:45 PM
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Filipino steamed soft bun prepared with a sweet white steamed dough filled with sweet soy sauce and garlic braised pulled pork.
172.8 PHP
52.8 PHP
26.4 PHP
26.4 PHP
Level-up your usual ulam with All Day Bacon. Made from well-cured restructured pork meat, this "swak sa budget" bacon would surely elevate your family's dining experience.
85.2 PHP
Crispy melt-in-your mouth perfection. That's what Mekeni Belly Bacon offers you. Cured thinly sliced pork belly with just the right taste of saltiness -- it would surely make you ask for more.
130.8 PHP
Indulge guiltlessly into Mekeni Chicken Longanisa. Made from quality chicken meat seasoned with herbs and spices with just the right hint of sweetness. You would surely crave for more with this healthier longanisa selection
63.6 PHP
Mekeni Skinless Longanisa is a delectable recipe of sweet, garlicky and savory flavor. Our version of this Native Filipino sausage is perfect with fried rice and egg for that hearty and delicious breakfast.
54 PHP
Hailing from our Kapampangan roots, Mekeni Classic Pork Tocino is one of our best family specialties. This thinly sliced cured pork meat is carefully soaked in a sweet blend, salitre-free marinade, giving that classic sweet taste that you would surely love.
62.4 PHP
Imported boneless chicken meat infused into our famous classic sweet, salitre-free marinade. Mekeni Boneless Chicken Tocino is an option for those looking for an alternative to our Classic Pork Tocino.
91.2 PHP
Mekeni Picnic, Pampanga's favorite hotdog, is famous for its strong meaty taste and aroma, mixed with the right blend of ground spices. It’s a sure treat for both kids and kids at heart!
210 PHP
Mekeni Sweet Ham is your perfect all day partner in making your family meals extra special. It is made of thinly sliced moist pork meat with just the right hint of sweetness. May it be your usual ulam with rice, a ham sandwich for your kid's baon, or a pang-sahog to your sopas, Mekeni Sweet Ham got your back.
67.2 PHP
Our Chicken Nuggets are made from quality chicken meat, coated into a special batter of spices and seasonings. It comes with a barbecue dip that can be best enjoyed by kids!
82.8 PHP