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Southwoods Mall, Binan, Laguna

10:00 AM - 06:30 PM
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(layers of thin wafers coated with choco butter icing topped with roasted almond sticks)
795 PHP
(layers of chewy wafers filled butter icing and cashew nuts)
795 PHP
895 PHP
(ripe mangoes with vanilla cream on butter crust , topped with fresh ripe mango slices)
725 PHP
(light as a feather cheesecake on graham crust topped with ripe mangoes)
675 PHP
(layers of moist velvety chocolate cake with cream cheese filling coated with cream icing and sprinkles of bittersweet chocolate)
625 PHP
(layers of different textures of chocolate cake with various chocolate fillings and toppings finish with drizzles of chocolate syrup)
995 PHP
(layers of soft and light vanilla sponge cake with coffee, liqour, and mocha icing finished with cocoa powder)
855 PHP
(layers of rich moist chocolate cakes with chocolate fudge icing)
695 PHP
(vanilla sponge cake made with layers of salted caramel , crisps and butterscoth brownies topped with dulce custard, and finished with dustings of ground cookies)
895 PHP
855 PHP
625 PHP
635 PHP
1195 PHP
1050 PHP
645 PHP
895 PHP
1480 PHP