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Mr. Borton's Fast Food- SINDALAN Open

#63 Maligaya Street Sindalan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

10:00 AM - 05:30 PM
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Made with rice noodles combined with sliced chicken and various vegetables
133 PHP
Made with wheat noodles and assorted meat and vegetables
147 PHP
is a delicious noodle dish topped with boiled pork, crushed chicharon, and eggs
133 PHP
is a stir fried noodle dish that combines with rice noodles and egg noodles
133 PHP
Beef Tapa served with rice and egg
119 PHP
Longaniza served with rice and egg
89 PHP
Hotdogs served with rice and egg
89 PHP
Cooked with thick egg noodles served in a gooey soup and topped with pork meat and vegetables
119 PHP
Composed of fried pork and fried tofu with sauce made of vinegar and soy sauce
133 PHP
Made from parts of pig head and served with calamansi, onions and chilli peppers
189 PHP
stir fried vegetables loaded with different ingredients
143 PHP
Cooked with oyster sauce and composed of shrimps, squid, hotdogs and many more
210 PHP
is Served with sweet and tangy sauce
195 PHP
Mr. Borton's Special fried rice with loads of ingredients
187 PHP