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Cuadrado Food Hall Closed

Sm City Tarlac

05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
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142.8 PHP
thin and crispy nachos smothered with cheese, beef, onions and tomato! OH! Did we mention CHEEEEESE?!!
202.8 PHP
lightly Breaded crispy chicken wings coated in HOT, tangy, buttery and flavorful sauce!
190.8 PHP
thinly sliced bagnet strips!
202.8 PHP
crispy fries topped with cheese, tomato, onions, and seasoned beef!
179 PHP
in-english lang namin para sosyal!
216 PHP
lechon kawali and tokwa
178.8 PHP
beef flavored with mexican spices on a tortilla
178.8 PHP
tortilla stuffed with four kinds of melting cheese!
178.8 PHP
raw tuna cooked in seasoned vinegar.
334.8 PHP
fishball, kikiam, squidballs. Served with our awesome sauces!
142.8 PHP
tokwa na may tofu!
142.8 PHP
Flavorful Sisig with Cuadrado’s Special seasoning and lot’s of love.
238.8 PHP
Flavorful Sisig with Egg
257 PHP
Garlicky, sizzling boneless chicken chunks!
226.8 PHP
healthier version of our sisig!
226.8 PHP
hotdog, onions, spicy sauce
202.8 PHP
sizzling mushrooms with lots of garlic bits!
178.8 PHP
tokwa, onion, spicy garlic sauce!!
178.8 PHP
tinapa, cheese, pesto on top of tortilla
174 PHP
four kinds of melting cheese
174 PHP
beef, ham, cheese!
186 PHP
300g tuna belly, grilled to perfection
348 PHP
grilled liempo basted with our special glaze
252 PHP
grilled pusit stuffed with onion, tomato
312 PHP
perfect combination of kinilaw na tuna and grilled liempo!
432 PHP
grilled steak, fries, gravy!
384 PHP
grilled beef, pork, chicken and sausage!
570 PHP
grilled beef, pork, chicken and sausage w/ rice
624 PHP
crispy, juicy, tender crispy PATA!
528 PHP
quesadilla, wild wings, and nachos in a platter!
478.8 PHP
144 PHP
174 PHP
174 PHP
198 PHP
186 PHP
174 PHP
226.8 PHP
262.8 PHP
special beef pares!
156 PHP
grilled pork with our savory tamarind soup!
214.8 PHP