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U.R.A.C.K Bar-B-Q & Wings Closed

Orchids Garden,San Juan,City of San Fernando,Pampanga

11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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(Manager's choice.U.S ANGUS BEEF PATTY w/ BBQ pulled pork,bacon,tomato,and our very own URACK basting sauce.)
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(U,S ANGUS BEEF PATTY,cheese,tomato,pickles,onion ringd and served w/ french fries!
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(CHEF RECOMMENDATION.a smoked BBQ burger w/ U.S ANGUS BEEF PATTY,caramelized onion,grilled peppers and mushrooms,cheese and lettuce.)
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(U.S ANGUS BEEF PATTY,grilled to perfection w/ grilled onions and sauteed mushroom top w/ melted American cheddar cheese,homemade cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese.)
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(Our thin pizza crust comes w/ our own version of pomodoro sauce topped w/ grated parmesan,American cheese,Mozzarella and cream cheese)
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(Our thin pizza crust comes w/ our own version of pomodoro sauce topped w/ Hungarian sausage, bacon,ground beef and burger patty)
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Our very own mexican salsa.
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(Combination of kung pao,classic sisig and roasted garlic chicken white pizza) kung pao-sweet chinese style pizza classic sisig- Urack's own take on the famous kapampangan cuisine roasted garlic and chicken white pizza - layers of mozzarella, parmesan and American Cheddar cheese.
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Served w/ steam rice.
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Served w/ steam rice.
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Served w/ steam rice.
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(Thick bone-in chops seasoned w/different herbs and spices, grilled to perfection.served w/ creamy mustard sauce,steamed vegetables and steamed rice, Best serve w/ bacon garlic rice)
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(A must try beer battered fish fillet seasoned w/ herb and spices to perfection, served w/ homemade potato chips and dip w/ our own version of tartar sauce and southern hot sauce.)
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(Salad made w/ fresh ingredients,homemade caesar dressing,served w/ grilled herbed chicken breast.) your healthy choice!
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(A classic green salad tossed in maple vinaigrette w/ SMOKE SALMON cherry tomato,green apples,red onion,grapes and cream cheese.)
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(Healtyh salad tossed in creamy peanut dressing w/ chickenmshrimp,romaine lettuce,red cabbage,carrots red bell peppers)
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FLAVORS: cajun, bbq or sour cream & onion
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(The big man's Macho Nachos w/ chilli beef, olives,peppers,onion, sour cream,cheese sauce and Mexican Style salsa)
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(Nachos w/ original classic sisig,jalapenos,black,olives,peppers,onion,sour cream,cheese, sauce and Mexican style salsa.)
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